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Traks Boys"Bring The Noise"Release Tour@444quad

Traks Boys"Bring The Noise"Release Tour @ 444quad Traks Boys"Bring The Noise"Release Tour@444quad
Supported by SAI

2009.1.30(FRI) Open / Close:20:00 / 5:00
Charge:¥2,500(w/1drink)/With Flyer¥2,000(w/1drink)

Traks Boys(SWC / DK SOUND)

<5F/『SAI LOUNGE』Supported by SAI&NMR Soundsystem>
Cherryboy Function(ExT Recordings)
座禅BEAT(chain reaction)
YOSHIBA SHINJI a.k.a. スクエアヨッシャー(chain reaction / おマンDAY)
ソニックデスモンキー(Booby Trap / bottoms)
foliday(GRIS GRIS)
MNM Crew
NMR(SAI / Cosmic City)

Posted by k404 : 2009年1月13日 11:28

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